Happy New Year! 2016. No Regrets.

No Regrets by Leila Davis

New Year's Day I released the final version of a book I've been working on for quite a while. My husband's grandma, Leila Davis has been wanting to publish a book sharing memories of her life as a Kentucky war bride for years.

We used her journals and writings about memories of war and expatriation and combined those with memories from family and friends, family photos, and a section highlighting her favorite recipes. In the end we have successfully put together a book her family will treasure forever.
Our hope is that it will be passed down through the generations and that those who come across it will find life lessons among it's pages.
If you'd like to see the book find a portion of it here on Blurb.com.  

Below is a book description with excerpts.

Leila Davis, of Bowling Green, was born 92 years ago in Alupka, the Ukraine. Alupka is 11 miles west of Yalta, and is the site of the famous World War II summit of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin.  

This is a memoir compiled from journals and stories she's written about her life.   

“I married Corporal Ralph O. Davis in Germany after World War II and came to America as a war bride. In 1947, we moved to Bowling Green so my husband could go to Western on the GI Bill. At that time, Bowling Green was so small there were only two banks, three lawyers and four restaurants."
". ... If God blesses me with another year, I am already thinking about the butternut squash that I am going to grow."

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