I Did It! My First SURTEX Experience. {part one}

I’m still pinching myself. I can’t believe that I only decided to do the SURTEX Art Licensing show for the first time at the end of March. It was the beginning of April when I really got going on my preparations for the show. It was a whirlwind of hard work—but I made it happen. I wasn’t sure I could!  I’ll save “how I did it” for another blog post. But for now I'll tell you how it went!

The three days of Surtex brought many new faces into my life. I made new friends, met online friends, spied a few “celebrities” (well, celebrities to me!) and most importantly made valuable contacts with people who really responded to my artwork. I was so thrilled to have people stopping by my booth and really loving my work. I'm extremely excited!

So, in this post I’m going to tell you about my days in a sort of diary style. Hopefully you’ll find something that might help those of you who decide to take the plunge in 2015.

There’s a few pics of my booth too!

Kim Moulder ~ Here I am in my booth at SURTEX on the first day.
I gave these pens away ~ some were glitter pens!

Saturday ~ May 18, 2014
Living only 1-1/2 hours from NYC has it's perks. I drove there on Saturday arriving around noon. I had no nerves whatsoever on the way. Even when I got into the city and was searching for a parking spot for the day (having never driven in NYC on my own)—no nerves. I was ready. I was not scared.    But when I walked into the Javits center and saw all of the lovely booths already set my stomach started doing flips as I walked past them all the way to the back of the floor to my space.

I had packed everything (including lots of heavy antique glass for my table) into one

SURTEX in three days!!!

It has been a whirlwind over the last six weeks since I decided to exhibit at SURTEX 2014! I am almost ready—still have a big list of things to do. I can't believe how much I've done in such a short time. It makes my head spin!

Looking forward to meeting so many of the nice people that I've gotten to know through my facebook groups. They have been so instrumental in moving me to this place

Here are a few new patterns that will be featured in my booth. My banners came last week and they are SO beautiful! (if I do say so myself!) The colors came out perfect and I was just so pleased. I will have my studio mate, Jean with me on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and then my other studio mate, Tina will be with me Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. I'm so thankful that they can come and help me—what great friends they are! I couldn't have done this without them. I'll be sure and take pictures of the set up and the final product and tell all about it when I return! Wish me luck! :)

I'll be in Booth 755 so if you are there, please stop by to say hi! And grab a bit of chocolate! ;)