3 Paintings … in stages

Here are some paintings I’m working on!
The last one of the heart is the only one that is just about finished.

I added the white graphical line drawing but I want
to tone it down with paint. The tape is still there so
it will be fun to take it off and see what happens.
This one is about time and is moving along.
I added the birds and the clock. Heehee,
a little literal, but funny anyway. And isn't it so true...

I love this! :) Just had to share.
Han Solo is just too cool…
Star Wars - Han Solo and Leia I love you I know Mug Set by Mugoos

Snowed In Today

Snowed in today and thought I’d do some quick posts with some snow pictures and an update on my paintings from last week. I still have not finished them and since I’m snowed in and the paintings and supplies are spread out at the studio—well, it will be a few days before I can get back to them.

Snow is SO pretty. I love to see it from the window—even step outside for a few quick snapshots. But, I don’t like numb toes and fingers. Just not for me. So I’ll stay in and enjoy the view out my window.

Hope everyone is staying warm!