Birds in Flight

Birds have always fluttered my wings. : )  I created the first in my new “Fly Bird” series of illustrations a few years ago. It was to be part of a logo for my newly named design business, Littlebird Fly Studio. Well, a girl can always change her mind.

So, since I decided to go with my own name for my business, I didn’t need the illustration as a ‘logo.’  But—I loved it so much I thought it would be fun to make it available in lots of colors as prints, skins, pillows, tees, whatever!

Now, I’ve designed a second bird, and I’m working on the third!

I wanted to share the first two in the series with you here! Fly on over to to my webshop at to see all the ways these fun little illustrations can be yours!

You will be the first to see the third birdie right here on my blog. So watch for it soon!

The Studio

This is our new studio! We are still in the process of organizing and furnishing, so I’m sure it will change several more times before we are nicely settled. I’ll share more pictures as it evolves. It is so great to have a place to ‘go to work’ everyday. And even nicer to be with other artists during the day. At home it gets a little lonely, and there are loads of distractions (and laundry :( )  
… We are so excited!


So, first I must introduce myself— I’m Kim Moulder. An artist, designer, wife, mother. Recently I launched my new website,, and set up in a new studio that I share with three fabulous artists (I’ll brag about them in later posts!).  I am so excited to finally start my blog!  This is the first post on my first true blog. And, I hope it is the first of many posts sharing my love of art and design, things that inspire, and updates on new work.

I also plan to occasionally have a series specifically highlighting the people who have inspired me to keep moving forward with my dreams and goals. Some, are longtime friends, some I’ve never met {yet!}, but ALL are creative, amazing individuals who have stepped out, worked hard, and made it happen. So, if you are reading this first post, I hope that you will keep in touch and check back with me often. Better yet, you can put FLIT&FLY on your ‘reading list’ by clicking the RSS button above.

So many people have taken to this way of connecting. I’ve been reading a variety of blogs written by incredible artists and entrepreneurs. (I’ll soon share my favorites—oh so many!) Learning is never-ending when following these brave business people who have forged a new way of working—selling art online, designing for clients across the world, and sharing their wealth of knowledge with a community of like minded people.. I hope to do these things here as well, and I invite you to come along on this journey.

While sharing my JOY of art and design, I hope that you might find your own JOY and inspiration through my art and the things I will share on my first blog—written with YOU in mind.

Thanks for flying by!
~ Kim

~ Kim Moulder, Art & Design