Would You Like Woodblock Prints — Ready to Hang?

I've been thinking about making these small woodblock prints to offer on my Etsy shop, FlitandFly. I think that they are really simple, modern and instantly ready to hang. They would be a great gift—and easy too! The price point would be a bit higher than a print, due to the additional production time on this end, but it might be worth it to not have to find a frame and also the aesthetic might work better on many levels for some people.

Geometrics and Word Art for Wall Decor

I've relaunched my Etsy shop

I've been busy and I'm so excited about the new designs I have available for print on demand!  I've had a lot of fun creating several new lines of artwork giving my shop an entirely new look! And I have a new professional Canon printer at the ready to print beautiful prints, ready to frame and hang on your wall.

4 Lessons I learned from Belinda Fireman: Finding Her Creative Voice

I wrote this on my trip down South at Christmas. Just now getting it posted! Hope you enjoy!!

It's Christmas Eve! Traveling gives me time to enjoy my books and magazines and to do some thinking. (especially since hubby is driving—I love when he drives!)  I have a lot of time to do that today and I got inspired to share some of my thoughts here. I read a story in my new "Where Women Create" about Belinda Fireman from Alberta, Canada.

I related to her right away in the first few paragraphs, and after exploring her blog online I found that the theme of sketchbook journaling came up again! She, like Jennifer, took up the discipline and also found it to be an ongoing growth experience. I have tried to take up this practice but haven't been