Inspiration: A Daily Sketchbook Practice

I've been inspired by my friend Jennifer Orkin Lewis and her daily sketchbook practice. I had the great pleasure of meeting and going to dinner with Jennifer when I was in NYC exhibiting for Surtex.

Jennifer spends 30 minutes a day painting or drawing in a sketchbook and then posts them on her Instagram. She made this commitment over a year ago and has been so successful that she's even gotten a few jobs from sharing! I'm really in awe of her dedication and bravery.

Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Journal Pages. December 11 and 12, 2014.
Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Journal Pages. December 11 and 12, 2014.

She was interviewed the other day on Design Observer and I enjoyed reading about her process and experience so much!

Check it out here: Hunter | Gatherer: Illustration Sketchbooks, Part III.
Jennifer Orkin Lewis's Daily Sketchbook.

Jennifer has also written on her blog about her sketchbook project. It is very informative and so fun to see. My Sketchbook: How I do it.

I have to admit that I'm scared to make a commitment such as this for fear of disappointing myself. . . I know how I am. I guess it's a good thing to know thyself. So I've decided I'll commit to trying—probably cultivating this practice will not only help me to know myself better—it will be a lesson in discipline. One I could use for sure!

Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? How do you keep your daily commitment to the practice?


Autumn is fast coming and going! I took these pictures of some Autumn leaves yesterday and then last night it snowed! No snow left to play in but the wind and wetness have pushed the leaves from the tree at a swirling pace.
Yellow Leaf  © Kim Moulder, All Rights Reserved.
Leaves © Kim Moulder, All Rights Reserved.
Japanese Maple  © Kim Moulder, All Rights Reserved.
One. © Kim Moulder, All Rights Reserved.
Before we know it the trees will be bare again and Winter upon us.
Stay warm!

More about Surtex—the nitty gritty ~ {part two}

It's been six seven weeks since Surtex. I can hardly believe it.

The few weeks after the show I spent frantically following up with emails and research. I had several conversations on the phone and over email and some promising projects that may be on the horizon. It was quiet for a few weeks until I received a

Jenipher Lyn's Blog Party! ~ Doodles and Words About Ambition and GRATITUDE!

Before I do my "Nitty-Gritty" Surtex Part 2 post, I wanted to participate in the last week of my friend Jenipher Lyn's blog party to celebrate the launch of her new book!
Jenipher’s says: “I wrote a super honest, encouraging, vibrant book with the intent to help others [especially teens!] feel less alone in this world. By using MY story, and LOTS OF colorful illustrations, I want others to realize they aren't alone on those dark, lowest of low days! This is my doodle dream!”
I first met Jenipher in my MATS facebook group and chatted with her often over the last year. She was so kind, honest about herself and her feelings, and super-encouraging to everyone. But, at Surtex last month I was thrilled to get to meet her in person—I knew her as soon as I saw her! I was so flattered that she had sought me out at the show! I had the pleasure of having dinner with her as well—which was an experience in itself! Every course was so exciting! (if you follow @jenipherlyn on twitter you will know that she LOVES experiencing all kinds of food!)  

She was a little ball of delight and inspiration! Jenipher is destined to spread joy to those who need a more of it in their lives. She has poured her heart into this book and I believe her words and doodles will be instrumental in helping so many teens and young adults view themselves more positively and push through those hard years—coming out stronger and more joyful on the other side.
So—this is the last week of Jenipher's blog party celebrating the launch of her book and I wanted to share a couple of doodle messages of my own to give my little contribution to the BIG messages that have come before me in the last weeks.

Before I get to Gratitude (which is the topic this week on the blog party) I wanted

I Did It! My First SURTEX Experience. {part one}

I’m still pinching myself. I can’t believe that I only decided to do the SURTEX Art Licensing show for the first time at the end of March. It was the beginning of April when I really got going on my preparations for the show. It was a whirlwind of hard work—but I made it happen. I wasn’t sure I could!  I’ll save “how I did it” for another blog post. But for now I'll tell you how it went!

The three days of Surtex brought many new faces into my life. I made new friends, met online friends, spied a few “celebrities” (well, celebrities to me!) and most importantly made valuable contacts with people who really responded to my artwork. I was so thrilled to have people stopping by my booth and really loving my work. I'm extremely excited!

So, in this post I’m going to tell you about my days in a sort of diary style. Hopefully you’ll find something that might help those of you who decide to take the plunge in 2015.

There’s a few pics of my booth too!

Kim Moulder ~ Here I am in my booth at SURTEX on the first day.
I gave these pens away ~ some were glitter pens!

Saturday ~ May 18, 2014
Living only 1-1/2 hours from NYC has it's perks. I drove there on Saturday arriving around noon. I had no nerves whatsoever on the way. Even when I got into the city and was searching for a parking spot for the day (having never driven in NYC on my own)—no nerves. I was ready. I was not scared.    But when I walked into the Javits center and saw all of the lovely booths already set my stomach started doing flips as I walked past them all the way to the back of the floor to my space.

I had packed everything (including lots of heavy antique glass for my table) into one

SURTEX in three days!!!

It has been a whirlwind over the last six weeks since I decided to exhibit at SURTEX 2014! I am almost ready—still have a big list of things to do. I can't believe how much I've done in such a short time. It makes my head spin!

Looking forward to meeting so many of the nice people that I've gotten to know through my facebook groups. They have been so instrumental in moving me to this place

Here are a few new patterns that will be featured in my booth. My banners came last week and they are SO beautiful! (if I do say so myself!) The colors came out perfect and I was just so pleased. I will have my studio mate, Jean with me on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and then my other studio mate, Tina will be with me Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. I'm so thankful that they can come and help me—what great friends they are! I couldn't have done this without them. I'll be sure and take pictures of the set up and the final product and tell all about it when I return! Wish me luck! :)

I'll be in Booth 755 so if you are there, please stop by to say hi! And grab a bit of chocolate! ;)

Preparing for SURTEX ~ 2014 !!

I am so excited to announce that I will be exhibiting at SURTEX in May! SURTEX is the largest art licensing tradeshow in the world and it is at the Javits Center in New York City.  I have been reading and learning about licensing and about this tradeshow for several years now. And I am finally beating back those voices (you know the ones) that tell you you aren't ready or "who do you think you are?!"  Although I have been thinking about it seriously for a few years, and walked the show last year with my dear friend Tina Lambdin, I kept putting off making a decision. It's very expensive and SO much work to prepare.

A few weeks ago I had all but decided that there was no way that I could do it this year because I had pushed it out of my mind—I guess I was afraid to really ask myself if I could do it.  But several events and encounters made me open my eyes and take a heartfelt look at myself and my artwork.      I asked myself if this is really what I want to do  ~ why should I wait? What am I waiting for?   I realized that the ONLY thing holding me back was fear.   Fear of failing—not being good enough, not having enough work, etc. . .    but also, I think it is fear

A New Website and a Finished Painting
"Remembering" by Kim Moulder

I think this one is finished! Gotta get back to the others—I'm hoping I can tomorrow! :0

I've been working non-stop on a redesign of my website. I was really not feeling it anymore and thought a fresh look was in order to go along with all of my new paintings, illustrations, surface designs and I even shared some from my sketchbook.  I think it's finally ready I'm excited to

3 Paintings … in stages

Here are some paintings I’m working on!
The last one of the heart is the only one that is just about finished.

I added the white graphical line drawing but I want
to tone it down with paint. The tape is still there so
it will be fun to take it off and see what happens.
This one is about time and is moving along.
I added the birds and the clock. Heehee,
a little literal, but funny anyway. And isn't it so true...
I love this! :) Just had to share.
Han Solo is just too cool…
Star Wars - Han Solo and Leia I love you I know Mug Set by Mugoos

Snowed In Today

Snowed in today and thought I’d do some quick posts with some snow pictures and an update on my paintings from last week. I still have not finished them and since I’m snowed in and the paintings and supplies are spread out at the studio—well, it will be a few days before I can get back to them.

Snow is SO pretty. I love to see it from the window—even step outside for a few quick snapshots. But, I don’t like numb toes and fingers. Just not for me. So I’ll stay in and enjoy the view out my window.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Stages of Two Paintings

Hello! You are so lucky today because you get to see a few paintings in the process of being created! BTW, thanks so much for choosing to follow my blog! I’m very new at this but I am learning that it takes time and hard work to build a blog that people will enjoy and follow. I hope that I can do that this year. It is one of my goals as I build my art & design career and connect with others that a) LOVE ART,  b) MAKE ART and c) LIVE with ART.

So about these new paintings! I’m excited about them.They are both 12” x 12” and 1.25” deep. I

We are having a show at Chambers Walk in January and February!

Hope you can stop by Chambers Walk Cafe & Catering in January and February!

Here’s a peek! On the left is a pic of one of my newer pieces called “So Come In … ” It is 12”x12” and created with Mixed media and Acrylic on Canvas. The sides are painted as well so it’s ready for hanging in any spot.

Next to my piece is an oil by my studio-mate, Jean Joslin. This one is called “My Chicken Helen.”  Love it!

Hello Love
by Kim Moulder
Mixed Media and Acrylic, 24” x 24” on Masonite Board.
...after the bells hummed and were silent, flowers
chimed a peal of fragrance.    ~Basho
      © Copyright, Kim Moulder. 2014. All rights reserved.