Preparing for SURTEX ~ 2014 !!

I am so excited to announce that I will be exhibiting at SURTEX in May! SURTEX is the largest art licensing tradeshow in the world and it is at the Javits Center in New York City.  I have been reading and learning about licensing and about this tradeshow for several years now. And I am finally beating back those voices (you know the ones) that tell you you aren't ready or "who do you think you are?!"  Although I have been thinking about it seriously for a few years, and walked the show last year with my dear friend Tina Lambdin, I kept putting off making a decision. It's very expensive and SO much work to prepare.

A few weeks ago I had all but decided that there was no way that I could do it this year because I had pushed it out of my mind—I guess I was afraid to really ask myself if I could do it.  But several events and encounters made me open my eyes and take a heartfelt look at myself and my artwork.      I asked myself if this is really what I want to do  ~ why should I wait? What am I waiting for?   I realized that the ONLY thing holding me back was fear.   Fear of failing—not being good enough, not having enough work, etc. . .    but also, I think it is fear
of success—and not knowing what I am doing!!

But then, I realized that I have done the work to prepare. I have learned everything that I could. I have the artwork and continue doing more. I am learning how to keep my momentum going to create faster and better and that will continue. And, I won't stop learning. I hear that exhibiting at SURTEX is an education in itself. And I will meet many people who will be a great support.  ~ even though that part also scares the bejeebees out of me!  And, this is what I want to do. I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life. I can see myself continuing to do my artwork and licensing and collaborations until I am old and gray and have to support my poor husband who will need to retire and rest. I won't rest from my work. It's who I am.

Those of you who know me might be surprised to know that just thinking about all of those wonderful exceedingly talented, smart and 'together' artists at SURTEX makes me want to just—i don't know—hide?      I have such admiration for so many of these people that I've followed over the years. Their work ethic, their social media and marketing savvy. Their knack for churning out tons of wonderful artwork to share with the world.     I think of them and am afraid I don't hold a candle to them!  —and most of them are SO young!! I mean they are young —and they already know what they want and how to get it!   I think that is just so amazing.

That's what it's all about. That's what this big leap is for. I have to feel the fear and just DO IT ANYWAY. And, for me, it's now or never. This is the moment and I have to snatch it whether I am all together or not. I am going to put myself out there, do what I do, and hope for the best. When I start getting scared—I just redirect, get organized and get something else done. Keep moving on. Keep going.

I have SO much work to do to prepare between now and May 18. Oh! wish me luck!
I'll keep you posted along the way.

These are my first SURTEX self promotions!  More to come!
Feel free to share and pin!  And if you happen to be coming or exhibiting at SURTEX—please let me know! I'd love to see you there and hear from you before too!

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