Sundial Mottos

I recently was turned on to "sundial mottos" through a really great podcast I listened to and thought they would make a great design for our walls to remind us of time passing.

Sundials —or "shadow clocks" were first used in over 3500 years ago to measure work times or prayer times. Before the first physical sundial was made people learned to measure their own shadows cast by the sun on the ground or an object in order to tell the time of day—or even the time of year.

Hemispherical Greek sundial from Ai Khanoum, Afghanistan, 3rd-2nd century BCE

Today it's considered a mathematical novelty but even when time pieces—clocks with intricate gears—were invented, sundials were still used to keep those devices accurate.

The construction of a sundial employed an intricate knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, astronomy and creativity such that the maker cherished the end result.

The mottos found on many sundials were the finishing touch meant to remind the user that they are never in control of time. Time does not stand still. Does not wait.

Here are some of the sundial mottos I found interesting and created typographical designs for them. Having one within view could encourage us to keep hold of the time we have and not waste it to worry, unhappiness and vice.

These that follow would be great for an office. I think I definitely need these next two hanging where I can see them everyday!

Let me know in the comments what are some favorite sundial mottos you've found to speak to you! I might create an art print using your suggestions. :)
ps: if you are interested in that podcast, it's called S-Town, and you can find it here. (the website is a treat! and the podcast itself even better. Warning—not for the faint-hearted!)
S-Town artwork by @valerodoval

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