Stages of Two Paintings

Hello! You are so lucky today because you get to see a few paintings in the process of being created! BTW, thanks so much for choosing to follow my blog! I’m very new at this but I am learning that it takes time and hard work to build a blog that people will enjoy and follow. I hope that I can do that this year. It is one of my goals as I build my art & design career and connect with others that a) LOVE ART,  b) MAKE ART and c) LIVE with ART.

So about these new paintings! I’m excited about them.They are both 12” x 12” and 1.25” deep. I always paint the sides, treating them as carefully and intentionally as the surface, which allow them to be hung ‘as is’. I love how doing that makes it more of an ‘object,’ a precious treasure.

The blue one is about Memories. I have found the perfect passage from a beautiful poem that I plan to use on this painting.  I started with the under-painting which I painted with Acrylic paint and some soft gel medium. Then I spent some time sifting through my large stash of vintage papers and random bits from my clipping books etc. I drew a bird on this old ledger paper and that was the start.  The lines at the top right are masking tape and I plan to do a glaze towards the finish which I hope will leave those graphic lines. Next time I sit with these I will use more paint —painting with my fingers and with some different types of textures.

Maybe some stamping too… The red and blue one is about Time. How time passes. It is always passing…  Here the bits are lying on top as I consider the placement. I did get them glued onto it before I had to run out of the studio

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